Yearning for More Delight Than I Find in the Flickering Blue Neon

I yearn for more than the neon blue light flickering from my screens. I am grateful that during the pandemic’s darkening days, lights of different colours began to appear. Was their appearance earlier this year? Or, was I just desperate to see beauty in any form?

If I was preaching, I might massage my delight into some connection with Advent and the birth of Jesus, whom many later designated the Light of the World. But I shall leave that twist to the professionals.

Myself, I am content to simply notice that the beauty of the lights bring me joy.

I enlisted Amy and Casey Van Wensem in my quest and drew upon the work of Angela Williams Gorrell. She helps excavate some landmines that injure an experience of joy and provides clues about which doors open into greater joy.

For me, one of the most significant discoveries is the importance of beauty. Now, when I’m running low on joy, I search for beauty. There is lots of it around. I just need to pay attention.

By the way, Amy, Casey and I produced a podcast called Finding Joy in the Midst of Darkness and Fake News. Check out the first three episodes.  

(Pro Tip: The order below goes 3, 2, 1)

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