Podcast #2 – Generators of Joy

I begin with a confession and an affirmation.

Discriminating listeners - as are you all - will notice that the title of the latest podcast is “three Generators of Joy.” In fact, once you listen you will hear only two. Hence, the affirmation: you have not lost your ability to pay attention or to count.

The short explanation is that I woke the day we were to record with the realization that point #3 actually would be covered elsewhere. This often happens to me with sermons when I realize that I’ve already made the point so why beat it again? Consequently, I edited on the fly.

So, that’s it.

No refund is available because there were only two major points and no prize available for spotting the difference.

So, like much of 2020, the podcast is what it is.

Thanks for listening. 

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