#8 – From Jaipur to Delhi (Gaye)

On the way from Jaipur to Delhi via road on an air conditioned bus:

At least three or four lanes of traffic on a two lane highway; the constant sound of beeping every time someone passes, turns, comes close or feels like it - constant in other words; cows (sacred of course) on the meridians; pilgrims walking carrying flags, women with fabric filled with what looks like about 50 pounds of wood and branches on their heads; wild monkeys living in communities of about 100 in the trees; motor cycles with four passengers; working camels pulling laden wooden carts; small Hindu temples on the side of the road and on many hillsides; tent city, shanties, palaces; a tractor pulling a wagon filled with about 30 farm workers - mostly women; dozens of partially built abandoned structures; the thousands and thousands of people eking out a living in roadside stalls which features every imaginable fruit, clothing, auto supply and even Lays potato chips; billboards hawking clothes, jewelry, hotels, cars sporting pale skinned Indians or Caucasians; women cutting fields of wheat by hand; eye contact with an old man watching the white faces in the bus; the outskirts of Delhi spreading for kilometre after kilometre; the overwhelming sense of privilege; arriving at a oasis of calm in the ashram with lush green, thatched roof and bed with mosquito netting. Ahhh dinner and bed.

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