#2 – Carol’s Preschool (Gaye)

Yesterday is a bit of a blur - 4 hours of sleep in two days can do that to a person.

What I failed to report was the amazing hospitality we have received from Ben and his family. Ben greeted Elaine and I with a garland of marigolds and another flower which I did not recognize. He is particularly anxious to show us his island home. His Homestay sits on the bank of an estuary that feeds the ARABIAN SEA. The island itself is a mishmash of quite luxurious homes and small huts. Because of the humidity you see clothes on most space that face the sun - long fences are graced with torn blue jeans, underwear and tee shirts. The roads can only fit one vehicle usually so Ben beeps a horn before we round a corner. Good car suspension is critical

We visited a government funded preschool yesterday as we picked up Ben's five year old daughter Carol. The "school" sits in what I would best describe as a car port. The teacher who was I think about my age was so pleased to show us the space and to discuss the curriculum. Most of the content was about food, health, the environment. The children have a few plastic toys, a bit of paper and crayons. I contrast this to the Godly Play room in my church and wonder about what is really needed, wonder about my privilege. Give gratitude to this teacher, Ben, Carol and this opportunity.

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