Wrap Me Up Like a Present

Our three-year-old granddaughter, Grace, swims with her grandmother almost every Monday. Like her mother, our granddaughter has loved the water since birth.

After a hard swim Grace emerges from the pool hungry and just a bit cold. She stands on the pool deck waiting for the ritual.

“Wrap me up like a present Gramma! Wrap me up!”

Her eyes dance with joy and expectation.

Gramma winds the massive towel around Grace until she is warm and safe in the cocoon; and then Gramma sweeps her up into her arms, hugs her close while she carries her towards the change room.

Perhaps it was because, the day before, I had preached on the baptism of Jesus - “this is my Son, the Beloved” - that the image of being wrapped warmly and held tightly struck me deeply.

“Beloved” carries as much spiritual impact as theological depth. To be beloved is to feel strong arms embrace and hold you even if your spirit shivers.

“Beloved” carries as much spiritual impact as theological depth.

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Sometimes when we drop the kids off at their home my daughter will endeavour to have them say proper good-byes. Occasionally she will prod them with, “Your fan club is leaving. Come and say good-bye.”

As I thought about that off-hand comment I realized we are more than just fans because our grandchildren don’t actually have to do anything for us to revere them. We just do.

Is this how God wants us to feel all the time?

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