Halloween Leftovers and The Holy Trinity

Cleaning up the morning after Hallowe’en I was sorting the leftover candy, by kind, into Ziploc bags.

I knew that this, while not the wrong way, was not exactly the right way either.

My wife prefers the jumble in the candy bowl. She can stick in her hand and come out with a surprise! Or, at least, she can sort through all the options in search of the favoured flavour. Having the leftover candy bars sorted into Ziploc bags removes the fun of the discovery.

I lean toward the ordered, efficient end of the candy bowl spectrum. Separated I can see the ones I want - and how many are left. My hand is in and out in a flash.

The combination of order and the urge to discover works well for us as a couple.

We live in our current house because she set out to discover the possibilities 30 years ago.

We travel.

The Holy Land was never on my bucket list. Now, it has become one of our recurring destinations; although, for each trip, one of us carries a folder with the printed itinerary and confirmation notices - backed up in the Cloud - while the other says, “Hey, come look at this!”

The differences in our personalities make the contours of the relationship deeper and more nuanced.

Wonder if it is true for God?

If nothing else, the classic understanding of God as Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit/Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer) means that, somehow, God is in relationship. Perhaps the portrayal of God as Creator and God as Spirit intends to capture something of that interaction between order and creative discovery. When we bump into either, a sacred moment might be present.

If nothing else, the classic understanding of God as Trinity means that, somehow, God is in perpetual relationship.

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On which end of the order-creative chaos spectrum are you most comfortable? When you are in the "right" spot on the spectrum do you then feel that all is right with the world?

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