Pokemon Go and the Spirited Universe

How we understand an experience of God is a public as well as a personal question.

The most popular theological work of the 1970s and 1980s, Star Wars, presented the option of the presence of a power greater than rationality or science. The Force was more powerful even than the Death Star and it could be engaged.

Then came Harry Potter, lifting up elements of wonder and forces, good and evil, in our midst, unseen by Muggles, but which true wizards could discern. Other dimensions of reality existed even if unseen.

Now Pokemon Go reveals that creatures of other realms may be all around us, each with varying powers and dispositions. The wizardry has been democratized. All that is needed now is a smartphone, the app, and the will.

On one level Pokemon Go is just a game employing virtual reality technology; on another, it expands the framework of reality.

What if we do live in an inhabited universe that contains the presence of other “spirits”, even if not named Pikachu, Sandslash or Beedrill?​

What if we do live in an inhabited universe with other “spirits”, even if not named Pikachu?

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Looking for Pokemon / Image: Alterna, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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