Do you see me? Do you trust me?

My wife has learned how to make great apple pies. Who knew I would be the recipient of such an unexpected blessing?

As a small token of appreciation for her new found skill I undertook a mission to the kitchen supplies store.

The conversation with the clerk turned to kitchen knives. Among other brands he showed some Shun knives, “great knives at an affordable price, relatively speaking.”

“Are they selling?” I asked.

“Absolutely. They are very intentional and assertive about their brand.” Then he added, almost as an afterthought, “and you can’t sell anything without a brand.”

The conversation then turned to some independent knife makers who make wonderful knives.

“But no one knows about them,” he said.

Brand is about visibility and trust. What are you known for and what can you be trusted to deliver?

Visibility and trust are not solely or even primarily commercial.

To be known and to be trusted are fundamental to the formation of any good, life-giving relationship.

To be known and trusted are deep yearnings of the soul.

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 photo by KatieCreative Commons attribution

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