The Wonder, Expectation and Anticipation of New Life

3 - 1 (3)The call came early in the morning. Labour was underway. A new life was in the process of being birthed into the world.

The waiting began.

The in-between was difficult and expectant. I moved freely along the spectrum.

The birth itself provoked nervousness, safety and health the concern. How great would be the pain and for how long? Were the right people in the room to handle the transition? (They were – midwife, naturopath/friend, husband).

The curiosity was all about the new. What would she look like? What would be her character and temperament? What would be the impact upon the immediate family system and the larger crew?

We knew something of what was coming; there were indicators.

The ultrasounds provided outlines, direction, the colour was pink not blue. A big brother had already begun his mourning that the future would not include the much desired little brother. A new vehicle would be required to carry the different configuration.

One thing we knew for certain. Life after would not be the same. In particular details, a family would go from two children to three. The ripples in the pool though would be much greater.

The new was going to be familiar, yet not.

How to live in the time between the announcement and the birthed reality?

Pacing was definitely in order, though in the long term not productive.

Worry – again a short term response.

If we were going to be of immediate and long term help to this new life and those who bear and care for her then some changes needed to be made.

Plans were rearranged, categories examined – nice but not essential was scratched. Priorities were recited: we needed to be available to help when and where needed. The new life and those birthing were pre-eminent; then care for those impacted, brother and sister.

Focus. Prayer. Hope.

Email and texting – other than those essential to the news – were not on the map.

Communication lines were checked and re-checked. Were we getting all the news, were we clear? The network was on alert.

Urgency not panic.

She came in the morning, eight pounds and twenty some inches of life. With her came an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the gift, admiration for the strength of our daughter and son-in-law and the resilience of grandchildren who have already begun the process of adjustment.

She has arrived. Not yet named. Far from understood. The only thing certain is that our world changed.

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