Discovering New Ways to Be More Productive in Less Time

Sometimes granddaughter Grace – turning three in a few weeks – makes me wonder what I do with my time.

This morning she ate some yogurt, did some dancing and practiced her curtsey with Grandma, ran a few laps around the kitchen island, watched the TV show “Paw Patrol,” did a painting for Mommy, chose a pair of Grandma’s high heels and practiced walking in them and checked to see if her babies were still sleeping with their Stuffie. And that was the first hour.

Somehow reporting that I checked my email during the same time period seems pale.

Part of Grace’s secret is that she focuses very intently upon what she is doing in the moment. No multi-tasking.

Clearly she keeps up with the latest in productivity thinking for managers.

herman-miller-aeronThe days of putting bum in chair – even an Aeron office chair designed by Herman Miller – for hours on end belongs to the era of dinosaurs. Not only do such practices put the body under more stress than is healthy but they produce less creative work which takes longer.

Enter the time based productivity initiatives like The Pomodoro Technique.

The basic premise of such time based approaches is that productivity increases along with focus and discipline. Set yourself a clear task, estimate the time needed for completion, set the timer, protect the space and Go! Then take a break.

Surprisingly easy – and difficult. But for those of us with a certain personality it does work.

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