An Unexpected Conversation About God and Cars

Now that retirement – or as my friends say “invisibility” – is only weeks away we are involved in “cutting back.”

Part of the downsizing agenda entails the move from two vehicles to one. Unfortunately, my first vehicle of choice – from either of the Audi, Lexus or Porsche line – was ruled out of order on the basis of the small matter of finances. Apparently church pensions – especially when taken early – do not fund the acquisition of luxury vehicles. Too bad. They suit me.

So to the land of Honda we went.

Following the conversation about mileage, crash ratings, resale value and appraisal of our trade-ins the conversation veered in a more informal direction.

Our guide at the Honda outlet turned out to be an alumni of a Bible school in Saskatchewan.

One of the most difficult parts of the relocation for he and his family back to his wife’s home turf on the West Coast was having to leave the Lutheran congregation of which they were part.

Most valued?

The small home or cell group of which their family was part. The weekly meetings were both fun and spiritually enriching.

The other feature held up by Doug, our sales representative, focused on the character and behaviour of the larger congregation.

For one Sunday each month the church “shut down” so the people could be out “just being the church,” he said. The day was spent serving the larger community. As well, 10% of money coming into the church went out to community or neighbourhood work so the “church can be the church and not just talk about being the church.”

He misses that.

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