New Life

I am in transition. In the spring of 2016 I leave a salaried role in the church to claim a re-developed life.

My new reality will give me the freedom to give increased attention to:

  • key relationships with my wife, Gaye, family and friends;
  • health & fitness;
  • development of long-held interests in the guitar and photography;
  • travel to places familiar and new;
  • develop conversations with people who find the engagement interesting and helpful;
  • the development of alternate revenue streams to supplement my church pension; and
  • writing.

Paying more attention to writing means, in part, resuscitating my blog. My intention is to publish more frequently using only the governing principle that the writing reflect my primary calling to explore the meaning and implication of an authentic life and faith. To signal this new chapter the blog will be getting a makeover. In addition, a ‘professional’ Facebook page is warranted to accompany my personal page. The new Facebook page is found at Please drop by and “like” me. I am excited by this transition and incredibly curious to see where it leads.
Thanks for sharing the journey.

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