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One of the books of which I have long been fond is Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations. Her company, Fierce, has put out a  SHORT white paper on the role of good conversations/relationships viewed from the business sector. I think there is lots to learn here for the church. Turning Conversations in a Driving Force for Growth and Success.

These quotes from Business leaders struck me.

Fierce President and COO Halley Bock puts it this way: “If you improve conversations, you improve relationships, which has a positive impact on key areas … including the bottom line.”

Starbucks’ Schultz has said his company is not in the coffee business, but in the people business serving coffee, and he built the company and its success squarely on his belief in the power of engaged employees.

“People directly affect the quality of products and services our customers receive,” Schultz wrote. “People will determine the ultimate success of Starbucks. Products are inert. You have to hire great people [and] celebrate their passions and their skills, and give them the freedom to do their jobs right.”


  1. Another excellent book, “The Starbucks Experience: Five Principles”, by Joseph Michelli, should be seen as essential reading for all in parish ministry today. The principles apply as much to those who serve (and serve in) congregations as to those who are in the “people business serving coffee”. It’s time well spent to observe common sense “hospitality” while enjoying the next latte. 🙂

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