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A Call to Witness (Stephen)

When the future is uncertain and the old ways no longer secure we seek heroes and salvation.  We are in need of heroes, those who will display courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good, heroes who will stand up and stand against that which threatens to diminish and destroy life, heroes who will take a stand and help us stand. Perhaps it has always been. The first Captain America Comic appeared in March 1941. “The first Canadian national superheroes – NelvanaJohnny Canuck, and Canada Jack– also emerged during the Second World War.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_comics)

Sermon 5.22.11 (Stephen blog)

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  1. Instead of comic book heroes, why can we still not refer to real life political heroes like Tommy Douglas in the UCC? When will the church stop being so sensitive to any hint of partisanship that real life politics can’t be talked about?

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