Expectant Discovery (Advent 1)

What if it is true that God is on the loose working to bring about possibilities in our life, the life of the church and of the world so that all may have abundant life? Those times that we say “Yes, I’m willing to risk trusting that” we move to the front of the seat. Our spiritual posture becomes that of expectant discovery.

Sermon 11.28.10

  1. Hi Keith,
    Great sermon… When we allow God to be on the loose, we no doubt are lifted up by the presence. I feel God at work through the passing of a loved one and I can’t help but wonder if lessons revealed in times of grief are to give abundance in life. “Live like you are ‘alive’ ” , “don’t sweat the small stuff”, “Carpe Diem” all come to mind .
    When I read you say that “we will no longer effect change or ministry through us providing program”, I cant help but internalize it and apply it to my life as an individual. Just by being me does is not necessarly value added to my family and friends. Taking steps create excitement and I hope the church can find what I hope to find in myself.
    Have a great day,
    ps thanks for the great ear last week. May have a few(or more) thoughts to mull over in the think tank known as the office.

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