I am thankful

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Louise Rose says that learning to say “Thank You” will change your life. Last Saturday the great jazz pianist was leading a community sing song at Oak Bay United Church. She gave the testimony as a lead in to the Raffi song Thanks A Lot.

I’ve been wondering about the truth of it, off and on, since then.

The grandchildren are all being duly instructed in the social art of “Please” and “Thank You.” All now know the signs in American Sign Language even if they cannot say the words. To have “thank you” become a spiritual practice though is another matter.

Modelling is certainly important. In our house, my wife mostly says the grace before big meals and for good reason. I too quickly default to some version of a “Thank you for the burgers and those who will pass the fries.” Although the grandchildren and I often fidget by the end of grandma’s praying it is good. She takes the time for authentic thanksgiving.

The core ingredient to thanks said with integrity seems to be taking time to pay attention.

“So I am thankful for this fine Visconti fountain pen with which I am able to write.”

“I am thankful to feel hungry and know the means to satisfy that hunger is not far away.”

“I am thankful for the day which provides excuse for family and friends to gather so that we can not only eat well but rejoice for the presence of the other.”

“I am thankful….”

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