We need both sanctuary and launching pad

We stand on the edge of a world about to be radically reshaped in many ways.

The new church is being called to be a place out of step but in tune, out of step with all with which we are bombarded daily but in tune with God’s vision.

The new church, like the ark, will be a  sanctuary and refuge; it will also become a platform, a launch pad; still a safe place, a holy place, a place of transformation but not, ultimately, a place for lounging.

Sermon Sept 19, 2010 (97)

  1. When using my computer which doesn’t have the latest Word on it, it is impossible to read the .docx file. I mention this because there will be others. Now I will go plug in my laptop so I can read the sermon whose title is enough to tell me that it is a must read.

  2. Non-substantial comment: Best bet is to save your document as PDF and upload that.

    More substantial comment: Your opening gambit suggests that “the culture” and “God’s vision.” are mutually exclusive – we should be out of step with one, and in tune with the other. Is there not the possibility that God’s vision is already fully alive and functioning WITHIN what we are bombarded with daily?

    1. Yes, I actually wa wondering about this later since my more normal posture within the church is say “Hey, look God’s at work (out there). We should pay attention.”
      I would certainly resist the wholesale division between church and world and yet, there does seem to be (an increasing number of?) ways in which the church presents a countercultural posture.
      Maybe David I’m wanting both/and. When I’m talking to the church I lean towards “Look out there!” – except perhaps in this sermon where the focus is upon a community reclaiming its ministry of place.
      When I’m out there I lean towards “And as Christians we see that – whatever it might be, e.g. time – a little differently.”

  3. Well, who would I be to disagree? 🙂
    You right – it is a powerful metaphor.
    If you write something on your blog about why you find it so compelling, we’d be happy to link to it! 🙂

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