Don’t talk too much!

The Living the Faith event held at Ryerson United Church last Saturday – thanks Dan, Debra and Pamela! – lifted up a few things for me.

1. While the Emerging Spirit team feels we have been immersed in this stuff for a long time, it comes as news to many. For most people at the event this was their first Emerging Spirit event.

2. For those leaders and congregations who are a long way down this road the need is for more contextual, personalized, ongoing conversation with practical implications. The forms of these conversations may vary – peer learning groups, learning events, mentoring, coaching, etc. I hope the new Ministry Development Network will be able to move on this.

3. Many people are thinking deeply about the next chapter in the life of The United Church of Canada. We need to find a way to support and feed these conversations in many formats.

4. The new church will take many forms. Mass customization will characterize the church as well as other areas of society.

5. With each group the ratio of speaking and listening varies. I need to get my wife’s words tatooed on my hand – “Don’t talk too much!”

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