Sitting in my aisle seat on the airplane, I was busy writing some notes while the plane loaded.

Suddenly from across the aisle a voice called out, “May I have your autograph?”

Luckily I was between moments of arrogance and didn’t reply, “Sure.”

Instead I looked up to see a hand reach out from the seat in front of me and reach across the aisle. The voice belonged to a young mom wrangling two very small children. She passed over a crayon and a scrap of paper,

“Sorry, its all I have.”

“No problem,” answered the voice.

A moment later she located a pen and a real piece of paper.

“For my mom?” she asked. “No problem.”

The man sitting next to me was of my vintage only he was travelling home to Dublin.

He whispered, “Who is it?”

I shrugged.

Eventually a flight attendant came and notified the man that a seat had opened up in First Class and that his upgrade coupon would be honored. The woman sitting next to him bid farewell as he bid adieu.

After he left, those around began to mouth “Brian Orser.”

I knew that!

I am basically a person whose orientation to life is that almost everything can function as a sacrament, a reminder and a means to the presence of God.

As the cabin settled back into its non-celebrity status, the little phrase glided across my mind – “those who have eyes let them see.”

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