A Way to Change Your Viewpoint

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In Emerging Spirit we have explored and presented a great deal about change. We have covered the bases: types of change – developmental, transitional and transformational; paradigms of cosmic societal change – modern to (post) post modern; Christian to post Christian; denominational to post denomination; Gutenberg to post-Gutenberg. Enough to make my head spin and cause my will to flag.

Being drawn to simple phrases I can actually remember I was delighted to come across this tip (Gil Rendle maybe?) that might help some churches and leaders grasp the new reality.

Here it comes!

Change “the” to “a.”

When talking about groups – youth, women, music – it is a youth/women’s/music group not the youth group. Spray the potion everywhere – a sermon style not the sermon style, a way of advertising real estate not the way of promoting real estate, a way of governing our corporate work not the model of governance, a style of management not the way to manage.

Go ahead, take it for a spin. And no complaints, I said it was simple.

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