A Few Morsels

I am fond of the DT Niles quote which describes Christians as people who are “like one
beggar telling another where to find food.”

Kerry Robinson (by Richard Freeda)

In this vein, I recommend three readings:
1. Especially at a time when the temptation to flurry is strong, I find the reminder that great leaders are as much about character under fire as about accomplishing to-do lists helpful. This piece about Kerry Robinson, who works with the Catholic Church in the US somehow reminds me of this.

If you are not on the Faith and Leadership e-newsletter list it is worth a subscription.

2. Susan Scott is a favorite of mine ever since her book Fierce Conversations was published. This piece in the Fierce Newsletter is worth a quick read.

3. What Breed Is Your CEO? is a nice piece by Randy Komisar on Leadership and Management

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