Know Your Bible

Shahar Shilo, the former head trainer of tour guides  who now gives VIP tours, lectures at the Ben Gurion University and is an internationally recognized expert on the City of David, is showing our gr...

Used to Be

I am almost tired of hearing the phrase “this used to be a very important city.” As we climb to the top of the Tel (high mound) at Megiddo we hear it. “Once this was a great city!” Archaeologists date...
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The Absence of God

The northern shores of the Sea of Galilee were home base for Jesus. Whether he was couch-surfing in the home of the mother-in-law of his friend Peter or out roaming the countryside most of the Jesus s...

The Importance of the Guide

Our bus broke down during our visit to the aqueduct at Caesarea Maritime. While we marvelled at the 10 mile long construction that provided water for the Roman city of 125,000 and unfailingly drops on...
the Good Samaritan


The first stop of the day was at the ancient site of Shiloh. As we headed north along the Road of the Patriarchs we passed the red roofs of many settlements. Since “peace negotiations” began 20 years ...

Emmaus Changed Us

It was not that the day had been poor until we arrived in Abu Ghosh, one of the three possible sites for the Biblical story of Emmaus. We had: travelled far to the south and explored Beer Sheva and be...